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Eco wastewater sewage systems


The Natural Flow System is a modular, extremely versatile and environmentally friendly sewage and wastewater treatment system. It works with nature and harnesses natural processes, producing high quality results that protect our environment.


• No power needed in treatment processes
• Virtually maintenance free
• Odourless
• Cost effective
• Low site impact
• Eco sustainable

• Great for difficult sites
• Council approved
• Can be used with conventional toilets and
nigarbage grinders
• Lifetime guaranteed performance
• Technical backup support
Secondary Series 11000 Treatment System

Capable of treating a total daily volume of 2000 litres.
Commonly used for 3 – 8 bedroom dwellings, or commercial sites with up to 40 day staff.
Suitable for most sites, commonly using drip line irrigation for disposal.
15 year warranty.

More systems available, call us to find the perfect system for your needs.


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